Stephen Boyd Tells Why
by JOAN PATTON (National Enquirer)


"The first time I met Brigitte Bardot," said Stephen Boyd, "she hopped out of bed and kissed me. She was completely nude !
"She told me she was very pleased to meet me. I replied : 'Likewise'.".
"Were you formally introduced ?" I asked lamely, at a loss for words before such smoothness.
"Of course", Boyd replied. "By her ex-husband, Roger Vadim. He led me into the bedroom. Under the circumstances, I think I handled myself very well."
Boyd has handled himself well since he became a professional actor at the age of 8. Now, at 35, he is big, handsome and successful.
We were lunching in a Hollywood restaurant, and while Boyd wolfed down his meal hungrily, he displayed an appetite for things other than food.
"I've never had any problem getting women," said Boyd.
"Over the years I've gone out with Joan Collins, Hope Lange and Angie Dickinson, to name a few.
He paused and then named a few more :
"I like 'em all - Doris Day, Anne Bancroft, Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Audrey and Katharine Hepburn."
He was beginning to emerge as a kiss-and-tell type with an insatiable appetite. I told him so.
"Now see here," Boyd replied. "I'm not a cad !"
"Prove it," I challenged.
"Well, I don't date married women, no matter what the columnists say."
The line was drawn.
"I do think, however, that one could safely date a woman who is separated from her husband. That's altogether different !"
We were back in that murky area again.
"I like variety," said Boyd, eyeing a blonde who strolled past our table. "Perhaps that's why I'm not married now."
His first and only marriage, to Italian beauty Mariella di Saraza, was one of the shortest in Hollywood history. It lasted 23 days.
"I can explain what happened," shrugged Boyd.
"It's one of the most perplexing episodes in my life.

SUFFERED : Handsome Stephen Boyd has had to endure hardships to learn acting - hardships like making love on screen to Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren.

"I Like 'Em All"

BRIEF BLISS : Stephen's first and only marriage, to Italian beauty Mariella di Saraza, lasted just 23 days.

"She was a beautiful, wonderful and intelligent girl.
"I knew her for six months and we had a marvelous life together.
"I couldn't wait for the end of the workday to join her. It was a glorious relationship.
"We flew to London and were married in a registry office.
"But the moment we signed the register and made it legal, the relationship fell apart.
"It may take most people three years to find out they have no real marriage. So we were lucky. We found out in three weeks.
"We could have forced the marriage for three years, but I think we were wise to end it immediately - at the very moment the beauty was gone."
Together, staring at the tablecloth, we silently contemplated the fleeting quality of beauty in marriage and admired the wisdom to recognize it.
I asked him what he did to console himself during the difficult aftermath of divorce.
"I made love to Gina Lollobrigida in 'Imperial Venus'", he grinned.
"That must have been fun," I winked.
"It was revolting", came his surprising reply.
"Not Gina herself," he quickly added. "She's a lovely woman. But some of the scenes were revolting.
"They made me get in bed with her," he complained.
"Love between a man and a woman is beautiful.
"But to put actors into bed to get publicity is cheap."
I asked if he meant like the time Bardot jumped out of bed in the altogether and kissed him.
"Yes, yes," he quickly replied. "That was to get publicity for 'The Night Heaven Fell'"
I asked him what he did after Bardot kissed him.
"I lost 25 lbs. in the next 22 weeks. What an ordeal ! The filming, I mean.
"I've had to suffer hardships to learn my art," he said.
I asked him what hardships, other than making love to Gina and Brigitte, he had in mind.
He laughed.
"I had to make love to Sophia Loren under a hot Italian sun in 'Fall of the Roman Empire'," he said.
But even Boyd, the man of a thousand women, had to admit Sophia was really something.
"One of the most exciting women I've met," he recalled.
"But sexiness isn't everything, you know." He picked up a fork and knife.
"There is sheer harmony in this fork and knife that cannot be found in a marriage."
Then the blonde went by again and Boyd's attention drifted from the knife and fork.
"I love Doris Day," he said. "Doris is not considered a sex symbol, but what a woman !"
He was still talking about her when I left 20 minutes later.