My comments upon Stephen BOYD's

Legend :

Just to see Stephen.

A good movie.

A very good movie.

An excellent movie.

A cult movie.

Films are presented here in alphabetical order :

Abandon Ship
This film takes place in a rescue boat after the sinking of a cruiser.
Stephen plays the part of Will McKinley, a young and fiery officer who rebels against his commander's decision of throwing to sea the weakest passengers in order to save the most resistant ones. Indeed, this film deals with the dilemna the commander has to face : must he sacrify some to save others ?
Stephen had here a very good opportunity to show the whole range of his talent and he perfectly took his chances. He has some very impressive scenes when he rebels against Tyrone Power's decision. He plays a young man who respects his superiors but does not hesitate in refusing to obey orders which go against his values or principles. Moreover he is really very handsome in this movie and he has a tremendous presence on screen.

Assignment K
It's a rather good film which looks like a grade B James Bond movie.
Stephen plays the part of a secret agent who pretends he is a toy manufacturer. He has to resist ennemies who want him to give them the names of the people working with him.
Stephen is very good looking in that film and is very charming, especially in the scenes taking place in Austria. His acting is totally credible.

A Master's piece ! The 11 oscars movie (only Titanic equalled this record !).
Stephen plays the part of young Roman Messala, who once was Judas Ben-Hur's best friend. He is totally part of powerful Rome and made of the Emperor his god. He fights with Ben-Hur, a Jew from Judea who suffers from Rome's colonization.
Stephen is splendid in this film and it's surprising that he did not get the Academy award for his interpretation of Messala. Fortunately, he received a Golden Globe he greatly deserved.

The Best of Everything
This film tells about the love stories of 4 young girls who work as secretaries in an editor's office.
Stephen plays the part of a young man who also works in this office and has a love affair with one of the girls.
The film is pleasant to watch but didn't change the history of movies !
Stephen is handsome and plays a pleasant character.

The Big Game
A good spy film but nothing really exceptional in it.
Stephen plays the role of Leyton Van Dyk who takes care of a defence project and manages to stop the attack of a kind of mafia organization against it.
The film in itself is really in the mood of what were movies in the 70's.
Stephen plays a physical part in the end and is convincing.

Billy Roses's Jumbo
It's a lovely musical film with Doris Day. The action takes place in a circus.
Stephen plays the part of a young man who begins to play in a circus which has money problems. The girl who owns the circus with her father falls in love with him. The problem is that he is the son of a circus owner who wants to buy this circus and was sent there as a spy.
Stephen is very charming in this movie. He doesn't sing all the songs but just one at the end of the movie. He is very nice in this movie where he has in the end a very positive character to play.

Black Brigade/Carter's Army
A good TV film in the tradition of The Dirty Dozen taking place during World War II. A strategic dam must be saved from German forces.
Stephen plays the part of a prejudiced white commando officer who is sent to make black soldiers become a combat unit. Racial tension explodes but the soldiers and their commander must earn each other's respect.
Stephen is very good in that film and it's a pity it was only a TVfilm rather than a movie because it deserved to be longer and have a better budget.

The Bravados
An excellent film about the dangers of personal revenge : are those we believe guilty really so ?
Stephen plays the part of a criminal who likes women a lot. He takes a young and innocent girl as an hostage and will end up raping her before being killed by the hero played by Gregory Peck.
Stephen plays a rather perverted man who is confident in himself with all the bestiality required.

Charge !/Those Dirty Dogs
A classical spaghetti western. Some scenes are quite funny with some kind of derision. But it's really not the kind of movies I like.
Stephen plays the part of an officer of the US army at the time of the Mexican rebellion. His mission is to neutralize weapons stolen by a dangerous Mexican rebel.
Stephen plays his role with a slight touch of mockery which makes the film interesting at times. But definitely just to see Stephen.

Devil has seven faces
It's a rather dull film about gansters searching for a stolen diamond.
Steven plays the part of a lawyer, Dave Barton. His client is a young woman whose twin sister is supposed to have stolen the diamond.
The film is badly played. The subject which is banal isn't well exploited and sometimes actors don't seem to believe in what they're saying.
Stephen seems blasé and cynical at times. He plays his seductive role without a real conviction and even has a bed scene which is totally unnecessary.
But he's good to see in it and just for his presence in a great part of the movie, it's worth seeing it.

Evil in the Deep / The Treasure of the Jamaica Reef
It's a rather uninteresting TVfilm. Stephen certainly accepted it for the stay in Jamaica and Grenada.
Stephen plays the part of a police detective who takes the head of a team of young people in order to make a treasure hunt in the sea.
We wonder what Stephen does here and why he accepted a nude scene at the beginning of the film as it is totally unnecessary.

The Fall of the Roman Empire
A good movie in the great tradition of peplos movies. But it's sometimes quite a little long and one may get bored at moments. The recent Gladiator was inspired from the story of the Fall of the Roman Empire.
Stephen plays the part of young Roman Livius. He's in love with Lucilla played by Sophia Loren. Emperor Marc Aurelius wishes to give the power to tribune Livius he considers as his son instead of giving it to his own son, Commodius. Indeed, the latter would ruin Rome. But he dies before he can make it clear to everyone.
Stephen is really moving in this film. He has a good character in this movie and plays a very courageous man. His interpretation is splendid as always.

Fantastic Voyage
It's a good and original science fiction movie. A group of scientists have to go into a human body in order to make a difficult operation on him as he is a important scientist victim of a murder attempt. The group is therefore miniaturised as well as its vehicle.
Stephen plays the part of Grant, a special agent, in charge of the scientist's security, who must see that all is done to save him.
Stephen is very good in this interesting movie. The movie is very well made and all the actors are perfect in their parts.

Genghis Khan
It's a good action movie which tells about the destiny of Temujin aka Genghis Khan.
Stephen plays the part of Jamuga, Temujin biggest ennemy. Indeed, Jamuga killed Temujin's father and made him a slave.
Stephen is perfect as the barbarian Mongolian, with as much bestiality (once again) as cruelty.

Hannie Caulder
A second rate western movie staring Raquel Welch and Robert Culp.
Raquel Welch plays the part of a woman raped by three men who wants to get her revenge. She learns how to use a gun in order to find and kill the men.
Stephen makes a cameo appearance in the movie as a preacher. He appears three times in the movie and the last one, he saves Hannie Caulder from the knife one of the men was ready to throw at her.
He has no line to say.
Stephen is really magnificent in his black suit even if his appearance is too short.

Hawaii Five-O "Up the Rebels"
A good episode from this famous series with Jack Lord.
Stephen plays the part of an Irish activist who pretends he is a catholic priest. He managed to steal explosives in order to commit terrorist actions.
It is said to be Stephen's last work. He looks slimmer than he was but in better shape than in films such as The Left Hand of The Law.
It is not his best part but for me he made a good job there. And even if the plot is not really original, Stephen manages to take the best out of it.

Imperial Venus
It's a film about the story of Paulina Buonaparte, Napoleon's sister, played by a beautiful Gina Lollobrigida.
Stephen plays the part of Jules de Canouville, an officer Paulina falls in love with.
Stephen is very handsome in this film. He had to leave the filming of Cleopatra to shoot it : indeed Cleopatra's filming had been delayed because of Elizabeth Taylor's health problems. Imperial Venus is of medium quality and adds nothing to Stephen Boyd's career. However, all Stephen's fans will be pleased to see him gorgeously wear the Hussar uniform. Stephen was at the summum of his beauty and shape.

Island in the Sun
This film is about racism between whites and blacks on Santa Marta island, a true paradise for tourists but not for those who work in the fields.
Stephen plays the part of Euan Templeton, son of an English Lord. He falls in love with a lovely girl, played by Joan Collins, who may have black blood in her veins.
Stephen has again a charming character to play. At the beginning his character is only a rich young man who wants to have fun, but he realizes he is in love and begins to grow an adult. His part is not the main part but again he manages to make the best out of it.
The subject of the film was very interesting but the film lacks some dynamism and fails to convey a real message.

Key West
It's a rather good TVfilm and was first meant to be followed by a series which was never made.
Stephen plays the part of Steve Cutler, a former CIA agent who retired and spends his life in Key West, fishing on his boat. But a man who was sent to jail thanks to Steve decided, before dying, to take revenge...
Stephen is pleasant to watch in this TVfilm in which he plays the role of a cynical and blasé seductive man. He is very good when he tries to turn away a girl who wants to make love to him (even if at the end he finally falls in love with her). He is always excellent in that kind of attitude according to me.

It's a rather good film really representative of what cinema was in the 1970's with violence and sex.
Stephen plays the part of a former police officer, disgusted by the fact that many drug dealers remain unpunished. He lost his daughter because of drugs and decided to kill the biggest drug dealers.
Stephen is worrying and brutal in the film. He frightens Jean Seberg before having a sex relationship with her and being somewhat in love with her. We don't know his real motivation until the end of the film and this part of mystery in him makes his character very worrying.

The Left Hand of the Law
A second rate movie which is rather uninteresting.
Stephen plays the part of Mr. Lanza, powerful businessman in international finance who is involved in maffia matters.
Stephen looks slim with an emaciated face. He is rather enigmatic and distant. It's obviously a film he did for money reasons or to be with friends (the director ? James Mason ?).

The Man Who Never Was
A very good war film without battles ! It's more a film about spying and strategy.
Stephen plays the part of a German spy, pretending he is Irish, who must find out the real existence of the corpse of a man found with very important papers for the landing of the allies during WWII.
Stephen only appears in the second part of the movie but he has a tremendous presence with his acting mixing harshness and affability.
This film allowed Stephen Boyd to be noticed by Hollywood and to play in Ben-Hur.

The Night Heaven Fell
A rather dull film by Roger Vadim with Brigitte Bardot. It's overall the opportunity for BB to take off her clothes in a very hot Spain.
Stephen plays the part of Lambert, a young man whose sister has just committed suicide. He holds Ribera responsible for that for he thinks his sister was dishonoured by Ribera. Ursula, Ribera's young niece falls in love with Lambert but soon discovers he is her aunt Florentine (Ribera's wife)'s lover. Ribera surprises the two lovers and Lambert kills him while defending himself. Ursula helps Lambert to run away.
Stephen is interesting in the part of a young and a little wild man trying to escape the Police, but the chemistry between him and Brigitte Bardot isn't really a success.

The Poppy is also a Flower/The Opium Connection
A suspense film with an international cast.
Stephen plays the part of a government special agent. He tries to find the heads of a drug organization by pretending he wants to buy opium.
Stephen plays the five first minutes of the movie but dies when his group is attacked and his car explodes.
His appearance is very good and the few lines he says are very convincing. A very good job but too short.

It's a good western movie but not an exceptional one.
Stephen plays the part of the bad guy as often and is, as usual, very good at it. He has an affair with a woman (played by the excellent Honor Blackman) who will be killed by Indians. He will seem affected by her death for a short time (the only sensible moment in his character).
As for the main actor in the movie : Sean Connery is excellent as always but Brigitte Bardot is rather dull in it as if she didn't really believe in her character. Stephen, on the contrary, is very charismatic in his bad guy role and I would have fallen in love with him and followed him in the wilds like the character of Honor Blackman.

A good movie about slavery and the way some white planters treated their slaves.
Stephen plays the part of a rich planter who is sometimes cruel with his slaves. He has a black mistress and wants her to love him. Of course, as she is a slave, she doesn't love him really and it makes him mad.
Stephen is interesting to see in this movie for this mixing of self-confidence and desperate will to be loved by his black mistress.