- The Sound of Music/The Rebel Novice Nun (La mélodie du bonheur) (1965) as Louisa.

- Hawaii (1966) as Mercy Bromley.

- The High Chaparral "The Little thieves" (1967) TV as Elizabeth Roberts.

- How Sweet it is ! (1968) as Tour Girl.

- Hail Hero (1969).

- Bonanza "Thornston's Account" (1969) TV as Martha.

- Alias Smith and Jones "Girl in the box car" (1971).

- The Bob Newhart Show "Not with my Sister You don't" (1972) TV as Debbie Borden.

- The Bob Newhart Show (1972) TV as Howard's Sister.

- Ssssnake (Sssserpent) (1973) as Kristina Stoner.

- Red, White and Busted/Ouside In (1975).

- S.W.A.T. "Time Bomb" (1975) TV as Sheri.

- La Chasse aux Sorcières TV as Logan.

- Opération Danger "Danger" TV as Annabelle.

- The six million dollar man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards) "Les feux de l'enfer" TV as Alison Harker.

- The Love Boat (La croisière s'amuse) "Le célèbre triangle" TV as the wife (l'épouse).

- James Dean/The Legend of James Dean (1976) TV as Jan.

- Tail Gunner Joe (1977) TV.

- Logan's Run (L'âge de Cristal) (1977) TV as Jessica.

- Vegas " 2000 yeux vous regardent" TV as Laura Henderson.

- Piranhas (1978) as Maggie McKeown.

- Captain America (1979) TV.

- Endangered Species (1982) as Susan.

- T.J. Hooker (Hooker) "Kind of Rage" (1982) TV as Dr. Kincaid.

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